Since iPhone has become a trend among smart phone users, designers has created many beautiful iPhone accessories especially  iPhone case which is the first thing people see when we’re holding an iPhone. Aesthetic is usually the main point to consider when we decide to buy an iPhone case but sometimes we may have to think beyond it.

Innovative designers have invented many innovative iPhone cases without leaving beauty away. Designers managed to achieve beauty within the iPhone case design while also adding more functions into it. With more functions added, iPhone with those case will act more than just an iPhone.

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Here I made a selection of 10 innovative iPhone case design which will surely make good first impressions.

#1. iCase

iCase (image credit: Francisco Reyes)

iCase is made of methacrylate, a plastic materiel known for its high transparency and great hardness. iCase offer great protection for your iPhone while also provide maximum multimedia functions for your iPhone.

#2. HybridShell

HybridShell (image credit: Distil Union)

HybridShell is a unique iPhone case we’ve ever seen. The case is combined by soft silicon dots and hard plastic surface. The soft silicon dots help protect the phone from the hard plastic surface. The dots also add shock protection from the outside.

#3. The PhoneSuit Elite

The PhoneSuit Elite (image credit: Joe Carrilo)

The PhoneSuit Elite is not as cool as other protective case but it has a very special added function, portable power charger. It has a very high capacity (2100 mAh) battery which can provide a full electricity charge to the iPhone 4 at a incredibly fast speed (less than 2 hours). PhoneSuit Elite will help you fulfill your multimedia demand without worrying about battery!

#4. Fondale / Corallo

Fondale / Corallo (image credit: Andrea Ponti)

This cool iPhone Case will let you doing anything on your iPhone under water. Have you ever wanted to update your Facebook status from the under water? With this new iPhone case, you will be able to do it, under water! The case is available in 2 colors: Transparent White and Light Yellow ring.

#5. Aqualife

Aqualife (image credit: Andrea Ponti)

Aqualife is just the same as Fondale / Corallo but it can fit all top smartphone models.

#6. Mk. II Case

Mk. II Case (image credit: Conner Benton)

The case features  synthetic sapphire crystal impact shield which can protect the iPhone screen. User can still use his or her phone when the shield is down since the crystal can highly transmit the electricity.

#7. idoStand-A Different Kind of iPhone Case + Kickstand


 idoStand (image credit: Allan Ospina)

idoStand is another cool iPhone case since it functions as normal case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S while also features 2 arms allowing users to enjoy Facetime or watching video.

#8. LUNATIK TAKTIK iPhone case


TAKTIK is a super protective iPhone case ever. It features a robotic design which make your iPhone look not like a normal one. This is also a Kickstater project and you may follow this link to learn more!

#9. 4-4 iPhone case

4-4 (image credit: Michiel Cornelissen)
 4-4 works best to protect your iPhone 4 edges from the front and the back and it may be the lightest and smalles iPhone case around.

#10. CalypsoCase

CalypsoCase (Image credit: Takahi Yamada)
CalypsoCase is a very luxury iPhone case for iPhone and other smartphone such as Blackberry, HTC, or Samsung. It was crafted from premium materials. This case is perfect for those luxuriousness.

iPhone Cases listed above have their own special features and you may select one according to your need and desire. Have you found the coolest one for yourself yet?

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