This is the collection of Best WordPress Video Themes available on the internet. The themes are used by video bloggers to create a video WordPress site quickly.  The themes also offer great design so that your site looks great instead of being too simple and plain. Therefore, this WordPress video gallery makes your videos not to be ignored. Many of these themes are available on the web, but the once shown here are carefully handpicked and, therefore, consist of the best you can find.

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The following is a list of the best WordPress Video Themes:


Video Zoom WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

Videozoom WordPress Video Theme

This WordPress theme has a neat featured slider where one can readily play any video which is embedded onto a post. It has Zoom Framework feature that you can use to customize all the details of your theme depending on your needs. Its video slider is easy to configure and will allow you to showcase your videos. With the Custom Post Options, a video blogger can define a custom layout for every individual post.


Videogrid WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

Videogrid WordPress Video Theme

Videogrid theme is the right choice for you because it helps you to rank top in the search engines. The theme makes it easy for you to choose the best SEO Optimized theme and to share something with anyone else across the world in a creative, efficient, and easy way. It comes in both light & dark variations. The theme is developed using SEO best practices such as place heading tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) and placing of crucial content before any other content. Through the use of this theme, your website can stand out from the many.


eVid WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

Evid WordPress Video Theme

This is an elegant theme designed to support video bloggers, especially for video sharing. The theme makes it easy to easily integrate videos from different video hosts such as Vimeo, MetaCafe, YouTube, and so on. It includes a custom video interface and has some “blogger-related” functions. The theme is only meant for those sites that are planning to showcase videos through their post pages. Although the theme works with most of the video hosts, it works with only those sites that have a flash embed code. It is meant only for those who would like to showcase their videos within the post pages.


Motion Picture WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

MotionPictures WordPress Video Theme

This is also one of the Responsive WordPress Video themes. The theme has good features for adding your own logo on a theme, dedicated support, adding links for your social media, adding your own background, enabling several home page options, and several page templates, and allows different color schemes.


Azione WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

Azione WordPress Video Theme

This is another useful WordPress video blogging theme. The theme has got a minimal and clean design that allows you to have a wide scope of turning your design to anything that is desirable. The features of this theme are neat, with little home page slider effects. Further, it is flexible, thus allowing for multiple layouts, multiple options for your pages, color customizations, ready translation with WPML, and homepage slider.


Video Plus WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

VideoPlus WordPress Video Theme

Video Plus is very useful for your video sites, mainly for creating news site or creation of magazine sites. Its features are similar to those of VideoPro. For instance, it also has features that ensure search engine optimization and lifetime support.


DeTube WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

Detube WordPress Video Theme

This is a professionally responsive video theme for WordPress and is designed for both video site and video blog video portals. In other words, the theme will assist you in getting a professional video site to be running as quickly as possible. More inspiration on the use of this theme emanates from Dribble, Vimeo and YouTube.


VideoPro WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

VideoPro WordPress Video Theme

VideoPro has several features such as cross-browser compatibility, custom page templates, advanced control panel, search engine optimization, AD management, Lifetime Support, WordPress 3.7 Compatibility, and Custom Widgets. The theme comes with several custom widgets such as Flickr, and Twitter, and is compatible with any browser. With its Advanced Control Panel, you can fully control the theme. Further, the AD Management tool allows you to place different sizes of banner images into the sidebar.


Video Craft WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

VideoCraft WordPress Video Theme

With the video craft theme, you can fully run user generated Video Sites. The theme comes with a full Video Upload Module and User Registration Module which make it easier for users to upload their video files and also embed the Video via the URL’s from Vimeo, YouTube, MetaCafe and other related sites. With this theme you can create your Video Submission Platform, and can run your video site depending on your interests, and then upload & embed the videos to your site in an easier and quicker way. This is useful to Sports fans and even entrepreneurs.


Video Blog WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

VIDEOBLOG WordPress Video Theme

This theme is both adaptive and responsive and has a state-of-the-art design that is flat and shows to your audience on how you are up to date in terms of design trends. The theme can scale right from the big screens all the way down to the smart phone screens. The theme’s built-in options enables the user to integrate the site logo, background and even the lead colors in order to adopt the theme to fit your preferred identity. This works well for both personal and professional bloggers.


The Video Star WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

VideoStar WordPress Video Theme

 This theme is a perfect option for your WordPress depending on your video site. The theme gives an intelligent way of displaying several posts that can quickly attract site visitors. It also scales from smart phones to big screens. With it you do not need WordPress Theme Framework. It offers support to all native WordPress posts’ format.


Video Hub WordPress Theme / MORE INFO & DEMO

Video HUB WordPress Video Theme

Video Hub theme is both adaptive and responsive, and gives an intelligent way of displaying several posts and can attract visitors’ attention most immediately. The display appears on the front page. This allows for highlighting the best content and the revenue generating advertising.


These themes are among the best video themes you may come across today. They are preferred for today’s uses because they originate from the best developers. The load time for your site will never be slowed by any of these themes. They do not require the plugins, or add-ons that normally make loading too slow.